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Romance / Drama - Color
English Dialogues

Marc & Julia  just met each other but already have to say goodbye.



A multi awarded One Minute Short Film featuring Vincent VERMIGNON & Gloriah BONHEUR both from Martinique Island. The movie was shot in 2 hours in Riviere Salée's Countryside.





 Horror / Drama - B&W

No Dialogues


it's 12.39 a.m, Dan, a man with no history is asleep next to his wife while something in the dark is staring at them...


This short was screened for the 40 th anniversary of Cultural center (CMAC) in Martinique and received great feedbacks from the audience.

JE DOIS RESTER EN VIE - 2 mins 30 s


Drama - Color

French Voice Over

A starving, homeless woman is struggling to survive in a small and busy town where nobody seems to care...


This short was directed to raise people awareness about homeless people situation in Martinique. An initiative of non profit organisation : SDF.

NANNY - 1 min


 Horror -  Color

French Creole / English


Coming back from the Market for her Granny, Nanny who have felt asleep wakes up and realize that the night is falling.
As she runs back home as fast as she can, she makes the most frightening encounter ever...


Filminute 2016 People's Choice Award
UK Screen one Best Internationnal Super Short 2016

S0.CI3.TY- 27 min

Sci-Fi / Mystery - Color

English an emotionless and regulated citizen of THE CITY awakes on a deserted island where he have to embrace his own humanity to survive.


Official selections :

Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival 2016

S.O.U.L UK 2016

Chelsea Film Festival 2017

PAN African Film Festival 2017

CALVAIRE  - 7 min


 Horror -  Thriller - B&W



Elize find her life changed when she thinks she got cursed by a witch...

Some commercials directed by Khris,
All task included : Directing, Shooting, Editing, Colorgrading and Motion Design when needed




Some of the music videos directed by Khris Burton





Khris Burton is an award-winning film and commercial director, from Martinique, French West Indies.


He graduated at ESRA (Ecole Supérieure de Réalisation Audiovisuelle) , an high-end educational academy, located in Paris, which specializes in cinematography, TV broadcasting, scriptwriting and sound engineering training.


A music fan as a child, he went on to direct music videos. He quickly gained recognition in this industry, both from his peers and from the audience.

In 2011, the French professional music association (SACEM) bestowed him an award for his music video “Trêve de bavardages”.


Khris Burton has also been directing commercials for half a decade. In this field too, his work won awards.


Since 2013, Khris Burton’s international status has increased: his short movie “Maybe Another Timewon People’s Choice Award, Top Rated and Jury 1st Commendations at the 9th edition of Filminute, the internationnal one minute film festival.

Becoming the most awarded director in the history of the festival.


The movie also got Best Narrative Ultra Short Award at International Film Awards of Berlin (IFAB 2014).


Throughout all his achievements, one can notice how human emotions matter for Khris Burton and are central in his work. His ability to catch these emotions and his technical expertise have made him an highly skilled director who is always willing to push back his limits.

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